Fawnina is a cosplayer, Twitch Creative Partner, and writer based in the Midwest United States. After discovering cosplay as a sophomore in high school, she was instantly hooked! Despite having no prior experience with clothing fabrication, she jumped headfirst into the world of costuming, quickly teaching herself how to sew, style wigs, make props, and model her outfits. Her passion for the hobby eventually led her to earn a B.A. in Fashion Business.

Nina has participated in cosplay since attending her first convention in 2007, having made nearly one-hundred costumes over the past thirteen years. Her weekly Twitch streams focus on fostering a sense of community and offer a relaxing environment for others to join in while working on their own creative projects. Using her degree in fashion design and her prior experience in theater, she has previously acted as a craftsmanship and performance judge for convention masquerades, and has personally taken home several awards, including Best In Show and Best Skit Performance. Her focus behind everything she does is on creating a welcoming environment for those who are new to the hobby, all the while maintaining focus on what she believes to be the most important aspects of cosplay: expressing yourself, learning new skills, and striving to do your very best!

Photographer credit goes to World Of Gwendana. (@worldofgwendana on Twitter/IG).