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This system will help you submit panels, track their status, and approve changes along the way. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Provided below are all the dates for our panel scheduling process.

Panel Submissions Nov 8 - Feb 3
Panel Reviews Dec 3 - Feb 10
Panel Scheduling Dec 3 - Feb 17
If your panel is selected you will be contacted by early August 2015. We have several panels to review so we may not contact you till early August 2015.
Yes, we have an adult track that runs in the evening from 6pm to close each day.
Our convention would not be a success without panels submitted by our fans. Fan based programming helps build diversity in our programming and also helps build excitement in the community. Because we value our panelist so much, anyone who is chosen to run a panel is given a full days pass for the day(s) of their panel(s). If you have 3 or more panels chosen you will receive a full event pass for the convention. Panelist badge rewards are only given to the first 4 panelists for any given panel. This helps control how many badges are given out and stops groups from bringing in high amounts of panelists to just get a badge for the convention. To help manage this, we will capture the names of the panelists when you submit your panel so we can help get everyone their proper badges for the convention and alleviate any confusion prior to the convention.
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