We are happy to announce our next event's dates and also to help everyone understand the need to change dates.

Our next event will be March 2-4, 2018, there will not be a Kikori in 2017.  We are being forced to change our dates due to a very large event that happens yearly in Flagstaff called The North Pole Experience.  This event used to take up half of November and all of December in Flagstaff, but for the year 2017 and on they will be taking up all of November and December.  This required us to make a change to our dates and after many internal meetings we discussed the two new dates we were given by the hotel which were the first weekend in March and the last weekend in February.  We decided on the March dates due to another event in Phoenix that already runs the last week in February.

We hope you will all still enjoy coming to Kikori, the weather should be around the same as it was in November so you will still get that winter time event with photo opportunities in the beautiful pine forest behind the convention.