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Artist Alley [$175.00] - Sold Out! [Terms]

1. In the state of Arizona a person must be at least 18 years old in order to sign a contract. Therefore, interested persons who have not yet turned 18 must have an adult sign the contract on the behalf of the minor. The adult who signed the contract must be present to sign in for the reserved table and accepts full responsibility for any failure of the under-aged artist to comply with all convention rules, terms, agreements, copyright, local, and federal laws. 2. Artist Alley is a place for artists (and other creative individuals) to promote and sell their work. Therefore, anything sold at the table must be a product of your own creative work (or a team member, if you work with others). If you aren't sure something is sell-able in the alley, please ask the Department Manager before the convention, so that there are no surprises. 3. Due to the hotel catering contract, you may not make available any food or drink items to convention attendees. This includes offering food or candies to people. Doing so leads to a breach in contract and will result in immediate expulsion with no refund. 4. You cannot sell commercial produced or unlicensed anime or manga items. This includes the resale of manga, DVDs, clothing, plushies, figurines, etc. Fan art is allowed. Likewise, if you or one of your studio members is not the Artist of the work you sell, you may not sell that artwork. 5. Adult materials need to be covered or otherwise kept from the reach of minors. Purchase and handling of materials must involve an ID check. Adult materials may only be sold by adults who are of legal age and can provide proof; otherwise they will be unable to sell this merchandise, and asked to remove it from the Artist Alley. If not removed upon request then the offender(s) will be required to surrender their badge(s) and/or removed from the Artist Alley with no refund. Adult materials include all adult themed art and weaponry (fake or real). If it is found that you are selling to minors you will be removed immediately with no refund. Kikori Con, Inc. reserves the right to require artists to remove items from public display if they are deemed unsuitable to the standards set by Kikori Con, Inc. 6. The use of professional machines/Industrial machines is prohibited in the artist alley. These are products which belong in the Exhibit Hall and are not permitted in the Artist Alley. (IE: use of compressors or vinyl cut printers belongs in the Exhibit Hall, but a manual press button machine or products made on a home sewing machine are acceptable for the Artist Alley.) 7. Do not place items in the walkways in front of or behind your table space. As the space behind you is designated for backdrops and your supply space, having people sitting in the walkway behind your tables interferes with traffic and of other artists trying to move in/out of their tables. If you are found blocking a walkway you will be given one warning. Subsequent occurrences will result in removal from the alley. 8. Please be considerate of other artists with displays, music, etc. Creative displays (easels, tablecloths, backdrops, and the like) are encouraged, but be certain that your display does not interfere with others' space. Music, videos, etc. should not disturb others. 9. Any structure brought to display artwork must be of sound construction. If any structure falls down, or appears unstable, the artist to whom it belongs will be asked to remove it by the Artist Alley staff. Failure to comply will result in the artist's removal from the Artist Alley. 10. Decorations, signs, banners, etc. may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, painted surfaces, or columns in the exhibit hall. 11. The Kikori Con Artist Alley is located in the designated Exhibit Hall space. Understand that no-one is allowed in the Exhibit Hall after hours. All needed items must be taken out before the Exhibit Hall closes. You will be granted periods of time prior to, and after, the operating hours of the Exhibit Hall for restocking and general table maintenance. 12. NO individual will be allowed to sell merchandise without an exhibitor or artist badge. Only artist's with Artist Alley badges are allowed behind tables within the Artist Alley. A maximum of three persons are allowed behind a table at any time. The only valid place of business during Kikori Con 2013 is the contracted table(s). If you are found selling merchandise elsewhere than the contracted table(s) without the express, written consent of Kikori Con, Inc. you risk being declared in breach of contract. This will result in removal of all table privileges and removal from the convention with no refund. 13. Table(s) are not to be moved without the permission and aid of the Artist Alley staff. If a table needs to be moved for purposes of unloading, display set-up, etc, please inform a staff member before the convention. We will attempt to honor all reasonable requests. 14. You must remain at the table you are assigned to. You may not move to another table without written permission of the Artist Alley staff. We will endeavor to give table assignments ahead of time, to ease setup. 15. You may be moved to a different spot; we will attempt to contact you, but we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience this may cause. 16. Any table swaps must be approved by both parties and the Vendor Hall Manager. Keep in mind that table swaps will not be reflected on any map or signs. 17. You may not tap into any wall outlets, power drops, or other forms of power found in the Exhibit Hall. If you are found stealing power you will be fined the price of leasing the power drop, and your use of the power will be terminated. 18. Please plan to be in attendance at your table for a reasonable amount of time. If you do not claim the space by 3:00 pm Saturday, and have not made contact with the Vendor Hall Manager to make 19. There is no refund for your purchase 20. Please follow all requests of Kikori Con staff. Failure to do so may cause the loss of your table without refund. If there is a dispute with a staff request or you feel the need to have something explained further, please see the Vendor Hall Manager at con. 21. Kikori Con, Inc. cannot be held responsible for loss or damages to your property while at the con. Please keep an eye on your belongings, merchandise, and supplies. Be community minded and report any suspicious activity to Artist Alley staff. 22. A studio member may not belong to multiple attending studios. 23. You are allowed to leave your tables for breaks. We encourage these breaks to be no longer than 30 minutes, and it is recommended that you remove items of value when you leave. We respectfully suggest that you do not let anyone you do not know handle money at your table is your absence. If you feel you will be gone for more than 30 minutes, either bring along an accomplice (or two) to watch your space or you must make an arrangement with the Artist Alley staff to sign out for the day. If you abandon your table for the day, shortly after the alley opens, without signing out, your table may be released to other artists. (IE: if you want to go to the masquerade and need to leave early, make arrangements and it will be fine. Alternatively, if you only show up for the first two hours each day, and someone wants your space, you may lose it.)

This is a 6'x5' artist alley space with 1 6' table and 1 chair
Exhibitor Booth [$350.00] - Sold Out! [Terms]

1. Vendor agrees that access to the Exhibit Hall outside of business hours is restricted to selected Kikori Con staff and individuals wearing special Vendor badges. Vendor also acknowledges that no individual will be allowed to sell merchandise without a Vendor badge. 2. Vendor understands that the only place the Vendor is authorized to conduct business during Kikori Con is at their contracted booth(s) inside the Exhibit Hall. Any sale of merchandise by the Vendor outside the Exhibit Hall without the express written consent of Kikori Con shall be grounds to consider the Vendor in default of this Contract. 3. Rental fees shall not be refundable under any circumstances, excepting terms listed within this section and as are otherwise provided in this Contract. 4. Vendor must move into their assigned space in the Exhibit Hall at least 120 minutes before the stated opening of Kikori Con to the public. In the event the Vendor fails to occupy the space, Kikori Con shall have the right, without notice to Vendor, to use the unoccupied space to suit its own convenience, including renting said space to another Vendor without rebate or allowance due to the defaulting Vendor. 5. Kikori Con assumes no responsibility for including the name of Vendor, or descriptions of its products or services, in the Kikori Con Program Book, brochures, news releases, or other materials stated herein, and Vendor hereby irrevocably grants Kikori Con the right to use its name, logo, and descriptions of Vendor's products and services in any electronic or printed mediums used by Kikori Con to promote Kikori Con. 6. Vendors shall not sublet or assign any portion of their rented space in the Exhibit Hall without the prior written consent of Kikori Con Vendor understands that it is required to clearly and openly state the identity and purpose of any organization assigning or subletting any portion of the rented space in the Vendor information section of this Contract. In addition, Vendor agrees to be responsible for all activities or actions of any party subletting or otherwise assigned the space by Vendor. Kikori Con reserves the right to disallow or demand the ejection of any subleasing or assigning organization from the Exhibit Hall without notice to Vendor. 7. Vendor shall be responsible for obtaining all documentation (licenses, permits, approvals, etc.) required by law, Kikori Con, or the hotel, applicable to its activities at Kikori Con. Failure to produce said documentation upon request by Kikori Con or the hotel shall be grounds for default of this Contract by Vendor, and cause for immediate ejection from Exhibit Hall. 8. Vendor shall be responsible for collecting, reporting, and remitting Arizona sales tax for any items or merchandise sold by Vendor at Kikori Con, and agrees to indemnify and hold Kikori Con harmless in any action arising from Vendor's failure, to collect, report, and remit Arizona sales tax for goods sold by Vendor at Kikori Con. 9. If Vendor uses its own displays, Vendor agrees to be responsible for arranging and paying for all transfer and storage fees, all labor and equipment rental necessary to assemble and dismantle said display, and all costs related to moving said display in and out of the Exhibit Hall and the Kikori Con site. All shipments by Vendor must be addressed as listed in the Hotel Vendor services packet. 10. Vendor shall provide receipts for any and all sales made by Vendor at Kikori Con. Vendor understands that failure to provide a receipt with all sales will render inconclusive any accusations of retail theft made by Vendor against a suspected shoplifter, unless Vendor has some other means to mark a sale if a receipt is not given. 11. Vendor agrees that the sale of all weapons will be restricted to persons of age 18 or older and that they are responsible for verification of age before any sale or handling. Vendor also agrees to wrap the sold item securely and will notify purchaser that they must take any weapons directly to their hotel room or vehicle, upon exit of the Exhibit Hall. Kikori Con reserves the right to ban or restrict the sale of weapons or weapon-like merchandise at any time during Kikori Con. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate expulsion of the offending Vendor from the Exhibit Hall. 12. Vendor agrees that the handling, viewing, and sale of adult-themed merchandise will be restricted to persons of age 18 or older and that they are responsible for verification of age before any sale. Vendor also agrees to bag/package said merchandise in an opaque bag upon sale. In addition, adult-themed merchandise must be displayed in a manner that restricts access from the general public. Kikori Con reserves the right to ban or restrict the sale of adult-themed merchandise at any time during Kikori Con. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate expulsion of the offending Vendor from the Exhibit Hall. 13. Vendor agrees to fully disclose all merchandise types on the Exhibit Space Application and understands that Vendor's failure to disclose restricted item types (weapons, weapon reproductions, or adult-themed merchandise) on the Exhibit Space Application will result in Vendor not being permitted to sell those items at Kikori Con 14. Vendor agrees that all demonstrations, displays, and all other Vendor-sponsored activities will be confined to the limits of Vendor's booth. Aisles may not be obstructed at any time, nor are there to be any activities that may result in congestion of aisle traffic. 15. Vendor understands that no mechanical, electrical, or other apparatus will be allowed to create noise or otherwise interfere with other exhibitors in any way as solely determined by Kikori Con Failure of Vendor to regulate such apparatuses when so asked by Kikori Con will result in Vendor being ejected from the Exhibit Hall. 16. Vendor understands that no-one is allowed in the Exhibit Hall after hours. All needed items must be taken out with the Vendor before the Exhibit Hall closes. Vendor will be granted periods of time prior to, and after, the operating hours of the Exhibit Hall for restocking and general booth maintenance. 17. Kikori Con reserves the right to require Vendor to remove items from public display and or sale if they are deemed unsuitable to the standards set by Kikori Con 18. Kikori Con reserves the right to refuse to rent booths to Vendor. In the event that this occurs, Vendor will be notified at least thirty (30) days before the first day of Kikori Con, and is entitled to a full refund of the rental fee. 19. Kikori Con reserves the right to rearrange booth and Vendor locations within the Exhibit Hall at the discretion of Kikori Con's decisions regarding Vendor's space shall be final and binding. 20. Vendor recognizes that ultimate approval of any and all displays or merchandise is subject to Kikori Con discretion, and any decisions so rendered are binding and final. 21. Vendor recognizes that beyond this Contract, all memberships to Kikori Con, regardless of status (attendee or Vendor), are subject to the listed rules and regulations governing attendance and membership of Kikori Con (see website for list of attendee rules and regulations). 22. Vendor agrees to be responsible for, indemnify, and hold Kikori Con, the Hotel, and their officers, employees, agents, affiliates and representatives, harmless from any and all claims of any nature, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including attorney's fees), personal injury, death, and/or any other claims arising from or related to any act or omission by the Vendor or his/her property, agents, representatives or employees in contravention of its obligations under this Contract or any applicable law governing Vendor's activities at the Kikori Con. 23. Vendor agrees to be responsible for, indemnify, and hold Kikori Con its officers, employees, agents, affiliates and representatives, harmless in case of theft of the Vendor's property both during business hours and after hours. 1. Vendor understands that in the event that Kikori Con or Hotel shall be held liable for any reason that might result from Vendor's action or failure to act, said Vendor agrees to reimburse Kikori Con and/or Hotel for all costs and liability resulting therefrom, including reasonable attorney's fees. Kikori Con reserves the right to close Vendor's exhibit whenever it is deemed necessary by Kikori Inc. for the safety or comfort of those attending Kikori Con; whenever Vendor's exhibit, activity, or material sold is determined by Kikori Con objectionable or offensive to the average person attending Kikori Con; whenever legal conditions, convention policies, or requirement of Hotel so dictate; and whenever portions of the Hotel are destroyed or damaged. Likewise, Kikori Con reserves the right to cancel arrangements, contracts, or exhibits if Kikori Con fails to take place as scheduled, is interrupted and/or discontinued, or access to the premises is prevented or interfered with by reason of any strike, lock out, act of war, act of god, emergency declared by a government agency, or Kikori Con Event Management, or for any other reason that terminates this Contract. In the event of such termination, Vendor agrees to waive all claims of damages and agrees that the sole liability of Kikori Con shall be the displace space rental fee paid, less a pro rata portion of all costs and expenses incurred and committed to, by Kikori Inc.. 24. No course of dealing or failure of any party to enforce strictly any term of this Contract shall be construed as a waiver of such term, or shall deprive the party of the right thereafter to strictly enforce such term. 25. If any part of this Contract is held unenforceable or invalid or prohibited under law, it shall be stricken from this Contract and shall not affect the enforceability of the other parts of this Contract. 26. The submitted Exhibitor Application, by this reference, is hereby incorporated in and made a part of this Contract. 27. This Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona. a. Vendor agrees that all matters and questions not covered by this Contract are subject to the discretion of Kikori Con and/or the Kikori Con Event Management. Vendor agrees to abide by, and conform to, all additional rules and regulations as are adopted or prescribed by Kikori Con from time to time for the management of Kikori Con and the Exhibit Hall. Vendor acknowledges that it has read this Contract, and expressly agrees to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein. Vendor's failure to read this Contract prior to submitting shall constitute grounds for default. Vendor acknowledges the right of Kikori Con to revoke this Contract in the event Vendor is found in default of any terms or conditions set forth herein. In the event of default by Vendor, Kikori Con may do any or all of the following: a) Provide a prorated refund of the cost of the booth(s) and/or Vendor badges. b) Require the Vendor to remove any and all merchandise from his/her booth(s). c) Confiscate any Vendor badges issued to the Vendor. d) Deem any "Vendor" badges issued to that Vendor to be null and void. e) Ban the Vendor from any other events sponsored by Kikori Con.

This is an 8x8 exhibitor booth with 1 6' table and 2 chairs.
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