Casey Renee is an award-winning cosplayer focused on craftsmanship and sewing. She won the Twitchcon Cosplay Contest in 2018 and had the honor of judging the Twitchcon Cosplay Contest in 2019. Casey is incredibly passionate about cosplay craftsmanship, Disney, historical costuming, and creating educational content.

In 2020 Casey partnered with YouTube to be able to continue her passion for creating educational sewing content through cosplay construction. In 2021, Casey wrote her first book, “Cosplay Foundations: Your Guide to Constructing Bodysuits, Corsets, Hoop skirts, Petticoats, and more”. Casey loves sharing her experience with others and helping the cosplay community as a whole learn new things and celebrate craftsmanship.

You can find Casey’s work on and and full galleries of her work as well as her patterns and embroidery files at