Kayli grew up in multiple towns in the LP of Michigan. As a child, she was frequently relocated, but in middle school, she found comfort and friendship in creating song covers, writing, and voice acting online. After years of chasing her dream, you can hear her as a colorful cast of characters including Keqing (Genshin Impact), Alice (Sword Art Online), Emilia (Re:Zero), Clara (Welcome to Demon School: Iruma-kun), Quna - Speaking and singing (PSO2) and many more!

Beyond being a voice actor, Kayli is also a professional writer, lyricist, and singer with a certification in audio engineering and a YouTube channel with a following for her cover songs. She enjoys being active in many ways (weight lifting, yoga, hiking, surfing, sports) and loves going on adventures! She’s also a huge foodie and could talk to you for hours about how to perfectly construct a gourmet donut!

Fun fact: She has sung and appeared in a music video for a single released by J-pop singer Yun*Chi. She is also a part of the virtual idol group Interlunium, an 11 member group that releases original music and story. She even designed her own character, Akira!

Follow her gremlin adventures online via Instagram or Twitter @KayliMills