Come see our DJs at the Kikori Con 2022 Raves!

Nate Distortion

Nate Distortion is a Hardcore DJ local to Phoenix, Arizona. He runs his DJ crew the (Hardcore Outcasts) with an iron fist with a mission to bombard people with harder genres in the scene. The Hardcore DJ has been playing since 2017 and has played all over Arizona from Phoenix to Flagstaff to Tuscon. He has made appearances on big line ups such as Zenergy, Bubble Bobble, Hard Holiday, Audio Bend, Cosmic Music Festestival & the Full Moon Festival. 

Nate Distortion is very animated while he's on stage, bringing intense energy as the violent beats he plays hit like artillery zeroed in on the crowd. The main genres he throws down are Hardcore, Terrorcore & Industial Hardcore. The other hard genres he does touches up on are Rawstyle Frenchcore Darkcore & Hard Trance.


ThiiNyx is back again with your love of UK Hardcore, DnB, and video game remixes! His popularity in the Arizona anime convention community has grown significantly to even play along side some of the best DJ's in Arizona. Since his start at Phoenix Comicon in 2012, he has brought the energy and excitement to everyone he plays to. So get ready and party with ThiiNyx!

Join our Friday Night Rave, March 4th, 9:00pm to 12:00am in Flagstaff.

Join our Saturday Night Rave, March 5th, 9:00pm to 12:00am in Flagstaff.