Please welcome our Judges for this year's Masquerade!

Ryann Kay is a AZ local costume designer, circus performer and cosplayer. She started sewing at age 11 and started working as a theatre costume designer at the age of 17. 

At 21 she discovered the cosplay community, which has now changed costuming from a job to a true passion. Since then she has created over 200 unique cosplays based on anime, comics, video games, and everything in between. And while her daily life is full of Circus and Acrobatics she loves to find new ways to combine her passions of costuming and circus together in the Cosplay Community.

Utahime is a host, professional cosplayer, variety streamer, and TTRPG performer. She has been a featured guest, host, and cosplay competition judge at various comic book and anime conventions across the country. Utahime's cosplays have been featured in media outlets such as Cosplay Alliance Magazine, the L.A.Times, Popsugar, Supernews Live, Temple of Geek, Inven Global, Voyage LA magazine and Cosplay Culture. Utahime became passionate about playing tabletop roleplaying games after learning to play with her close friends. She is honored to have the opportunity to participate in various TTRPG one shots, campaigns and charity streams over the past years. Utahime hopes to inspire others that regardless of your ethnicity, gender, or background anyone can get involved with cosplay and tabletop games in the community.

Heartless Aquarius a cosplayer based in Arizona with over 10 years of experience and awards under their belt. They bring joy, entertainment, and education through their anime and cosplay related videos. On top of cosplaying, Heartless has done work as a costume designer, makeup artist, and actor in multiple film productions.

The Masquerade is 03/18/2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM in Flagstaff.

Online registration for the Masquerade closes on Monday, Monday, March 13th at Midnight.

At Con registration will be available if entries are available at the Cosplay Desk on Friday and Saturday.

If you have any questions, please email