Please welcome our Kikori Con 2024 Masquerade Judges!

Heartless Aquarius is an Arizona-based cosplayer, costume designer, and prop maker who loves bringing their favorite characters to life, especially through their videos on TikTok. They are most known for their cosplays of a variety of anime and video game characters, including Deku from My Hero Academia, Sprigatito from Pokémon, and Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon. Through cosplay, Heartless has been able to work with cosmetic companies, such as Urban Decay and L’Oréal. When they aren't cosplaying, they work as a game designer in the video game industry.

Ariem is a Cosplayer, Seamster, Fabricator, and Certified MUA based in Los Angeles with 10+ years of experience. They have appeared at many events nationally such as Anime Los Angeles, Anime Marketplace, Anifest, and internationally at Supanova expo in BNE, Australia. Their degree in technical theatre with an emphasis in costume design and a certification in makeup, combined with the fact that they are a huge nerd, has led them to create elaborate costumes on a budget. Ariem is mostly known for their depictions of Deku from My hero Academia, and England for Hetalia. “Never settle, the only true failure is when you stop trying, fight for what you want and go Beyond!” Ariem is excited to visit their second home state for Kikori con!

Kymchi is an Arizona native and has been involved in the local cosplay community for over 10 years. Her passion for the hobby eventually led her to pursue a degree in technical costume design and construction, and she has worked in a professional capacity both stateside and overseas. In 2018, she began competing in local masquerades, and is beyond grateful to have placed Best in Show at Anime Expo 2023. She is inspired by the passion in the community and loves to challenge herself by implementing different techniques and materials in every costume. She has a soft spot for idol or magical girl cosplays - her favorite costumes to build are anything with an excess of glitter, ruffles, and rhinestones!

Please welcome our Kikori Con 2024 Masquerade MC, Supa Lani-Chan!

From the islands to the desert, Lani "Supa Lani-Chan" Villanueva is an entertainer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator from Tucson, Arizona. Over the last 21 years, Lani has picked up over 53 instruments and can comfortably play 19 of them! On top of that, she serves as the Managing Director of Tucson's musical revue group "One Rehearsal Short" and was recently named the 2023 Director's Award recipient at Miss Arizona USA competing as Arizona's first ever "Miss Aloha Tucson USA" In May 2023, Lani was also one of 20 people selected across the country to play in the first North American Taiko Taikai in Little Tokyo in California. Lani has provided entertainment and programming for Monkey Paw Entertainment since 2012 and is super stoked to continue to bring high energy to her "backyard con" here in Tucson!

When she's not busy with music or cons, she's either watching cartoons/anime, playing Dance Dance Revolution, playing games on her Switch, or probably at Disneyland with Austin!

The Masquerade will take place on Saturday, March 9th at 7pm in the Main Events.

If you would like to be part of this year's Masquerade, online applications are open until Monday, March 4th and at con registration will be available if openings are still available. Please register here under Rules:

Please email with any questions.