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An Unnecessarily In-Depth Panel on Fruits Basket
03/08/2024 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Do you love Fruits Basket? The manga? The 2001 anime? The 2019 anime? No matter which you have or haven't seen, the way these interact with each other is an interesting look into adaptations done right and wrong. Join us for a lengthy discussion on accuracy, comparisons, and learn a thing or two about the creation process behind the manga and both anime!

About Panelists:
  • NoonRaccoon:Noon is a Journyman cosplayer and has been running panels for four years. They are passionate about cosplaying, and making sure that everyone has fun time during panels.
Additional Panelists:
  • Mitsu:Degree in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma, aspiring author, long time anime and manga fan, runs a review blog on tumblr "mitsuhasnolifebutwatchesanime"
  • Pacificskyfish :AZ cosplayer that also does panels sometimes! For me at @pacificskyfish in IG!