8-Bit/Chiptune Guess That Anime Theme
03/18/2023 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Think you’re too powerful for the normal guess that theme panels? Do you love the sound of 8-bit/chiptune arrangements of anime themes? Do you think you could be able to recognize those themes compressed down into the bare bones more or less Game Boy Color level of audio quality? This might be the panel for you! Come in for prizes and a fun time as we put contestants to the test of guess that theme, with a twist.

About Panelists:
  • NoonRaccoon:Noon is a Journyman cosplayer and has been running panels for four years. They are passionate about cosplaying, and making sure that everyone has fun time during panels.
Additional Panelists:
  • Pacificskyfish :AZ cosplayer that also does panels sometimes! For me at @pacificskyfish in IG!
  • Mitsu:Degree in professional writing from the University of Oklahoma, aspiring author, long time anime and manga fan, runs a review blog on tumblr "mitsuhasnolifebutwatchesanime"