Please welcome our Kikori Con 2024 Masquerade Judges!
Jeannie Tirado is an LA-based voice actor, known for voicing Kujou Sara in Genshin Impact, Byleth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Android 21 in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Rose Winters in Resident Evil: Village, Vex in League of Legends, Norman in The Promised Neverland, Koala in One Piece, Zera in Fairy Ta...
Ariem is a Cosplayer, Seamster, Fabricator, and Certified MUA based in Los Angeles with 10+ years of experience. They have appeared at many events nationally such as Anime Los Angeles, Anime Marketplace, Anifest, and internationally at Supanova expo in BNE, Australia. Their degree in technical theat...
Ran by Santino Arturo and Faith Lee, Secret Shop is a creative duo that unites to make comics, art, and resign cast miscellany. Santino Arturo is a writer, illustrator, and panelist who likes to make funny things. Faith Lee is an illustrator who also makes handmade charms and jewelry. Together, they...
Hailing from the mountainous desert vistas of Tucson, Arizona is the freelance illustrator, storyboard artist, and overall creative powerhouse, Lorenzo Mendoza. For as long he could remember, Lorenzo has dedicated his life to one purpose, to draw and create! Twenty-five years later, Lorenzo continue...
Kayli grew up in multiple towns in the LP of Michigan. As a child, she was frequently relocated, but in middle school, she found comfort and friendship in creating song covers, writing, and voice acting online. After years of chasing her dream, you can hear her as a colorful cast of characters inclu...
What better way to end the day then with a rave? Free For All Con Attendees! Come to the Main Events on Saturday at 9pm for some amazing music provided by our DJs!  Music by Jojolion, VYLTH, and RINZKCHN. There will be a Cosplay Hula Hoop Contest w/ prizes at 10:30pm.
Our masquerade is now open for submission, make sure to apply early and we can't wait to see all those amazing outfits and skits!
Coqui is a variety streamer and vtuber also known for voice acting the roles of Ten in Urusei Yatsura as well as Purin-chu Penguin in Re:cycle of the Penguindrum movies. When she's not causing trouble in parking lots you can find her streaming from the South Side sewers over at
Callie is a magical girl variety streamer. With a love for cats, cooking, and horror games you can often find her over at
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Kikori Con 2024
3/8 - 3/10, 2024
Little America Flagstaff
2515 E Butler Ave
Flagstaff Arizona 86004